The time didn’t exist. And sun was slowly going down, road was long and empty and only lonely stranger was walking along it, rising with each his steb small clouds of humans’ hopes.And suddenly he felt the wave of fear and despair coming from the north, and saw deep river full of vortexes of people’s passions. And he watched how future human was taken down by huge stones of his ancestors’ sins.And he heard cry of woman who gave birth to that child and saw many brave men who rushed in the river and disappeared in a moment in the storming abyss.But weeping woman noticed the stranger, their looks crossed and he read pray in her eyes.He rushed in the river and disappeared like those heroes.Minutes passed and the river became calm and there were two coming out from the water; the stranger with small child in his hands.
And there was no limit for woman’s happiness, the stranger was celebrated as a hero and taken to the beautiful garden where the great fiest was held.And the stranger picked red pomegrants from the trees and drank their sweet juice.There flew beautiful blue birds and everyone admired them.But there also were disgusting worms crowling on people’s feet and none paid attention to them.And there was a long table with different overseas dishes. Time to time b;lack ravens came and stole some grapes from the table. But men were drinking wine and paid no heed to them.

In the heath of the fiest three men in long black dresses with white collars came in and said:
- This man is EVIL and we’ve come to take him with us.Because he gibed at our pious words and burn our books.Now we must present his body to fire and then his soul woll be free from sins.
But people didn’t let the stranger go and told about his brave deed.And the woman said:
- May be all you are talking about is truth, but hee has expiated his fault by his deed and now he regrets.
- I never regret, - answered the stranger.
- So WHO ARE YOU? And where are you coming from? – people asked him.
He looked at them and said:
- I have a lot of nicknames,but I haven’t name.
For I’m coming from the West from were the wisdom comes;where ground is burnt by sultriness and bedouins are roaming the valley like flies on the dead land.When the moon rises they burn their fires and small islands of light can be seen everywhere.
For I’m coming from the country of those, who entreat the Moon. And I’ve seen gryphons guarding gold on white rocks and dragons with ironed scales.And I’ve fullfiled Fawn’s wishes and argued with the king of the seas.
For I’m coming from the South, from where all treasure comes.I’ve walked the dusy roads, where pilgrims walk.
For I’m coming from Mecca. Where the green yashmak with words from Koran embroidered in silver by angels’ hands is kept.
I am that who built seven altars to seven sins and created seven idols not from gold and silver, but from bone and flash. I decorated them by pearls and rubies and washed their feet by sacrificed blood. I give water to those who die from thirst, but satisfied leaves me with the feeling of hunger.I do good when people need me but I do evil when there are too many vices around me and people let darkness enter their hearts.
- So who are you? – people asked again.
- Read the answer in your hearts, - the stranger bitterly smiled and slowly went away. And none could stop him. For his road is endless and even stones apart before him, and ocean turns to straight road…
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